The research group

Prof. Marco Alberto Carlo Potenza
Professor of Optics at the Physics Department of the University of Milan, he focuses his research on the development of innovative optical instrumentation with applications in different fields from nanomedicine to the characterization of particle beams and accelerators. For more than fifteen years he has been working on behalf of the European Space Agency and in 2009 he carried out experiments on board the International Space Station. For about ten years, he developed instruments operating in the outdoors and extreme environments (Alps and Antarctica) for the measurement of powders. In autumn 2018, he installed an instrument for measuring dust in the air at the Italian-French permanent station Concordia, on the eastern Antarctic plateau. The tool is working continuously until the end of 2021. He is also involved in astronomical and scientific conferences at the Astronomical Planetary of Milan.

Barbara Delmonte, PhD
Permanent researcher in Glaciology and Paleoclimate at the University Milano-Bicocca since 2008 and Ph.D. in Polar Sciences (2003) at the University of Siena-Université Joseph Fourier, Grenoble I (co-agreement Italy/France). She took active part in different projects related to ice core science. Among these, the EPICA (European Project for Ice Coring in Antarctica) project, the EU EPICA-MIS (Enhanced Palaeoreconstruction and Integrated Climate Analysis through Marine and Ice core Studies) project, the TALos Dome IcE core (TALDICE) project. Her research mainly focus on aeolian mineral dust and volcanic particles from different polar and nonpolar ice cores as well as sediment samples from dust deflation areas worldwide. She won the “Prince of Asturias” Award (Scientific Committee for Antarctic Research) and the “Prix André Prud’Homme” (Société Météorologique Française with Météo-France). She is also a contributing author to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) 2013.

Claudio Artoni
Geologist, professional snow observer and avalanche educator. Ph.D. student in Polar Sciences at the University Ca’ Foscari of Venice with a project on the optical properties of dust in snow and ice cores in Antarctica and Alps. Lecturer in conferences and courses on snow, ice and climate change. Active member of the American Avalanche Association, Italian Avalanche Service, regional Glaciological Service, International Glaciological Society and International Association of Cryospheric Sciences.
Reviewer of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Sixth Assessment Report (AR6) “Climate Change 2021: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability” WGII.

Collaborators: Valter Maggi, Francesco Cavaliere, Llorenç Cremonesi, Claudia Ravasio